Arena Info

Box-Office Hours

Hockey Season (October - April):
The main box-office is located on the plaza level (4th floor of U.S. Bank Arena facing Great American Ballpark). You may access the plaza level by utilizing the steps surrounding U.S. Bank Arena and Great American Ballpark or by entering the security entrance (corner of Mehring Way and Old Broadway) on non-event days.
M-F: 10:00am - 5:00pm 
Event Days: 12:00pm - During The Event

Non-Peak Season (May - September):
Typically, the main box-office is not utilized during our non-peak season. On non-event days you will have to enter U.S. Bank Arena via the security entrance at the corner of Mehring Way and Old Broadway. However, the main box-office will still be in use during event days. Call (513)421-4111 for more information.

Where To Stay


201 E 3rd St.
Newport, KY 41071
(859) 916-5306

Seat Viewer

Arena Map

Click here to see the view from your seats with our interactive seat viewer tool!

Sensory Kits Are Available

U.S. Bank Arena offers sensory kits that you may check-out for patrons that are sensitive to auditory and visual stimulation. Kits include antiglare glasses, communication card, identification wristbands, noise-reducing ear covers, small "fidget" toy, sanitizing wipes & tissues, venue map & more. Please stop by the customer service desk (next to the main entrance) for more information.

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Hockey Etiquette

There are a few things you should be aware of before heading down to a hockey game.

  • Please stay seated while the puck is in play
  • Do not throw ANYTHING on the ice during the periods. You MAY throw a hat on the ice after a CYCLONES player scores 3 goals in one game.
  • Be respectful of fans around you



Beeramids have become a staple of Cincinnati Cyclones games at U.S. Bank Arena. We embrace our loyal fan's tradition, but with the following rules:

  • Beeramids are typically built in the corners on the glass. Other areas could be distracting to other fans. When in doubt, ask our event staff before building.
  • NEVER throw your beer can (don't even toss it). Please walk down to the bottom of the aisle so that you don't accidentallly hit someone or drip beer on them.
  • Be respectful of fans around you.
  • All Beeramids are knocked down during the 2nd intermission. Please do not build them after that point.


Cincinnati Cyclones Certificates

Are you celebrating with the Cyclones? Stop by the Cyclones Information Booth (behind section 137) if it is your first Cyclones game so that we can give you a free certificate to commemorate the event!


Share your photos on our videoboard

Include the hashtag #CincyCyclones in your photos on Twitter and Instagram and they may be shown on our videoboard during the game!



U.S. Bank Arena is proud to offer a wide selection of concession choices. Most stands will offer a selection of hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, chicken tenders, pretzels and french fries. 

Glier's Goetta Nacho


Blue Moon 16oz cans

132 and All portable locations

Bottled Soda

All Concession Stands and Portables Sell Bottled Soda

Bottled Water

All Concession Stands and Portables Sell Bottled Water


103, 106, 110, 112, 118, 124, 128, 136, 138

Chicken Nacho


Chicken Tenders

103, 110, 128, 138



Coors Banquet Draft

103, 110, 112, 128, 132

$5 12oz Coors Light can

103, 106, 110, 112, 118, 124, 128, 136, 137

Coors Light Can

103, 106, 110, 112, 118, 124, 128, 136, 138

Coors Light Draft

103, 104, 106, 112, 128, 132, 136, 138

Cotton Candy

Hawked throughout the arena

Double Cheeseburger

103, 110, 128, 138


103, 110, 128, 138

Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

103, 110, 128, 138


103, 110, 128, 138

Fruit Smoothies (Nut Hut)


Glier's Brat

110, 118, 128, 136

Tater Tots

103, 138

Veggie Wrap

118, 125, 136

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

103, 110, 128, 138

Hot Chocolate

103, 110, 128, 138

Labatt Draft

106, 110, 128, 136

Hummus w/Carrots and Celery

118, 125, 136

Graeters Ice Cream

116, 134

Jalapeno Pretzel


Kids Meal

103, 110, 128, 138

50 West Cans

103, 106, 110, 112, 118, 124, 126, 128, 136, 138

50 West Draft

114, 134

Miller Lite Cans

All portables locations sell Miller Lite Cans

Miller Lite Draft

104, 136, 138

Taft's Draft

106, 126

Taft's Cans

103, 106, 110, 112, 118, 124, 126, 128, 136, 138


103, 106, 110, 112, 118, 124, 126, 128, 136, 138

PBR Draft

103, 104, 112, 138


All Concession Stands and Portables Sell Peanuts


103, 112, 138


All Concession Stands Sell Popcorn

Pretzel Bavarian

All Concessions Stands Sell Pretzels

Pulled Pork Nachos


Roasted Almonds (Nut Hut)


Skyline Chili Nacho

104, 124

Skyline Chili Coneys

104, 124

Skyline Footlong Coney

104, 124


Hawked troughout the arena

Taco Trio (3 soft tacos)


Waffle Glier's Goetta Dog

103, 138

Hot Dog

103, 110, 118, 128, 136, 138

Alcohol sales are typically cut off at the beginning of the 3rd period.
All Access Bar & Grill Menu
2018-19 Suite Menu


Aramark Serves You Right Program

Patrons 21 and over attending events at U.S. Bank Arena can receive a coupon for one free soft drink by signing an agreement not to drink alcohol and to be that night's designated driver. Coupons must be redeemed at the Arena's concession stands that night and are limited to one per patron per event.

The pledge agreements and coupons are available at all U.S. Bank Arena events at the Customer Service desk located to the right of the Arena's main entrance.



Our Merchandise stand is located behind section 103, just to the right of the Main Gate. You may also purchase select merchandise online at our pro shop.


First Aid

First aid is located behind section 110. If you find yourself in a situation where you need any help at all, please ask any employee and they will be glad to help.


Cyclones Information Booth

Ticket, package, and group information is available behind section 137. This is also the pickup spot for Family Four Pack items.


Get Involved With A Promotion On The Ice

On Ice Intermission Contests - Contestants for on ice promotions are randomly chosen throughout the evening as well as pre-determined by group outings. To check on availability for your group, call a Cyclones representative.

Name on Scoreboard - To get your birthday, anniversary, or message on the scoreboard, you must purchase a birthday or group package from a Cyclones representative, or be a Season Ticket Holder.


Chuck A Puck

The Cyclones are proud to offer Chuck a Puck at every homegame this season. Proceeds benefit the Cincinnati Cyclones Foundation! Pucks can be purchased behind section 117.



ATMs: ATMs can be found behind sections 116 and 138 
Autographs: Cyclones players will be available to sign autographs at announced nights throughout the season after the game. Pay special attention to PA announcements at the game to see if a player is signing post-game.
Handicap Seating: Accessible seating is available on the concourse level of the arena. Call a Cyclones representative today or specifically ask for accessible seating when purchasing tickets.
Handicap/Family Restroom: The Handicap/Accessible restroom is located behind section 110 next to Donatos and First Aid
Smoking Areas: Patrons may exit the building to smoke behind section 132. Please be sure to have your ticket stub with you and prepare to have your hand stamped.
Zamboni Rides: Fans may purchase a ticket to ride the Chick-fil-a Fan Zam here.



  • All Jackets and bags will be searched upon entry. Purses, diaper bags and other small personal bags are allowed, but will be inspected at all gate entrances.
  • No large bags, backpacks or boxes are allowed in the building without prior authorization.
  • Giveaway items at the gates are limited to one item per person, not one item per ticket. Patrons may not exit and return to receive another giveaway item.
  • Alcohol
  • eCigarettes in seated areas
  • Glass Containers
  • Metal Containers
  • Weapons of Any Kind
  • Aerosol Spray Cans
  • Beachballs
  • Backpacks / Large Bags
  • Fireworks
  • Laser Pointers
  • Wrenches / Pliers
  • Pets (except service animals)
  • Chairs of Any Kind
  • Noise makers including but not limited to air horns and whistles
  • Cameras (As long as their use does not obstruct view of other fans)
  • Blankets
  • Seat Cushions
  • Sunscreen
  • Binoculars
  • Rain Jackets/Ponchos
  • Team Signs And Flags


  • No throwing of ANY objects toward the playing surface or within the stands. Violators will be ejected and prosecuted. Beeramids may only be allowed if they do not interfere with the surrounding fans experience. Beeramids must come down after the second intermission.
  • In the event ANY restricted items are revealed during a search, guests will be permitted to return to their vehicle with the item or dispose of it. U.S. Bank Arena does not have an area to 'check' guest's personal belongings and will assume no responsibility for them. U.S. Bank Arena has the sole right to determine what type of pre-event search or screening will be conducted.
  • If a patron possesses multiple tickets to an event featuring a premium giveaway, they must exit the building after their first ticket is scanned and they have received their voucher/item and get back into an entry line
    *This information is subject to change at anytime without notice.


Guest Conduct.

Guests may be ejected for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • Public Intoxication
  • Use of illegal substances or drugs
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Use of profane, obscene or abusive language of any type
  • Possession of illegal or unauthorized items inside U.S. Bank Arena
  • Unacceptable or indecent dress
  • Throwing of any objects onto the event floor or stage area, or in the seating areas.
  • Failure to follow U.S. Bank Arena Smoking Policies (See Smoking Section below)
  • Verbally abusing, threatening or intimidating other guests or Arena employees.
  • Participating in a fight
  • Entering or attempting to enter any "Off-Limits" areas such as playing surface, stage area, backstage or restroom of the opposite sex.
  • Breaking the law
  • Any action that, in the opinion of U.S. Bank Arena Mangement, places other guests in danger or reduces their enjoyment of the event.
  • Guests that are ejected from the facility may be subject to arrest. Ejected guests will not receive a refund for their tickets or be compensated in any way for their loss.

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Upcoming Promotions

  • First Face-Off

    The Cyclones kick of the 2019-2020 season with $1 John Morrell HotDogs, Donatos Pizza, Soda, & Beer. The first 5,000 fans will receive a Cyclones Calendar presented by UC Health!

  • $1 Beers

    Fans 21+ can enjoy $1 cans of Miller High Life and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beers.

  • $1 Beers + Pups N Pucks

    Bring your pup to the frozen pond with a Special Pups n' Pucks ticket package while enjoying $1 ice cold Miller High Life and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beers. Bringing your dog, stick around after the game and bring your dog on the ice

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