Field Trips

Cincinnati Cyclones Field Trip Game

Presented by Meijer


Tuesday, November 12
10:30 AM at Heritage Bank Center

We use hockey as the theme, which includes a fully developed curriculum, all while taking in the excitement of a real hockey game. This is a field trip that you don't want to miss! Our great reviews and continued success make this educational opportunity a wonderful experience for all. Each year, over 7,500 students from over 50 schools in three states attend the program. 

Intermission Demonstrations From: Cincinnati Museum Center



The curriculum that will be taught will address Common Core Standards in Math and Science with additional lessons in Health and Physical Education. As in years past, we use hockey as the theme, which will include a fully developed curriculum. 

The curriculum is addressed and taught during the course of the game via our video boards, on-ice activities, and workbooks. Digital links of the video portion will be emailed to each educator while the student workbooks will be handed out upon arrival to the game. Each area is broken down into three easy to learn segments. After arriving at the venue at approximately 10am, the first part of the program will begin pregame (around 10:10am). The second portion is shown during the first intermission (roughly 11:15am). The third and final segment occurs during the second intermission (roughly 11:50am). The game should finish around 12:45pm. Students and teachers are invited to bring brown-bag packed lunches from home and have their meal at their leisure. The venue’s concession stands will also be open for students and teachers to purchase items during the day. (Note: Alcohol sales are prohibited)

Field Trip Curriculum


Your bus parking is included in the price of the ticket. Over the past few years we have developed a very detailed bus parking system with the assistance of the Cincinnati Police Department. You can rest assured that arriving and departing the event will be very organized.


Thank you for another great field trip experience. The students commented on how much they enjoyed the on-ice science experiments. I really appreciate the addition of more disciplines into the curriculum. The kids had a great time and learned something in the process, which doesn't always happen. Have a great day.

Jeni Ray (Immaculate Heart of Mary)


Just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that my students enjoyed themselves at the event. Everything was first class and was truly memorable. Thanks.

Darius Powell (Sycamore High School)

I wanted to thank you for all that you do to organize this event. It was a great experience for our students. They not only enjoyed the game but the science that was incorporated into the timeouts as well. And they loved their seats, too!

Michelle Baldwin (St. Antonius)

Thanks for the preparation that you and your staff did to make a memorable field trip for our students, they really enjoyed it.

Zach Yates (Campbell County High School)

Wanted to let you know that we had a great time and we will certainly be back again next year!

Rachel McConnachie (Cline Elementary)

Our students had the most wonderful time. They returned so excited and talkative about their time. I’m hopeful that next year, we’ll have triple the number to go. Thank you for all of your assistance with scheduling this for our students. You made them feel very welcomed and special.

Pamela Bailey (CHCA)

Thanks for a great day!!! This was the smoothest one yet, I especially appreciated getting the bag right when we got off the bus. Also, having the DVD already will make tomorrow go much easier. The workbook will be our quiz over the event tomorrow. Thanks again for a great day.

Mary Brown (Union County Middle School)