The Cincinnati Cyclones, in conjunction with the ECHL, have announced the schedule for the 2022-23 ECHL season.

The 'Clones begin the new season with a three game road trip, starting Saturday, October 22nd against Fort Wayne. The Cyclones then visit Kalamazoo and Wheeling before returning home on Saturday, October 29th for the team's home opener against Iowa. 

25 of Cincinnati's 36 home games come Friday-Sunday at Heritage Bank Center, with Friday hosting 13 of those home games. Cincinnati went 23-11-1-1 at home last season. 

The Cyclones will play 72 games across the 2022-23 ECHL campaign, featuring 36 home games and 36 away contests. 52 of those contests come within the Central Division, while the other 20 outings will be spread across teams from the Mountain, North, and South divisions. The Cyclones will play 16 of the 27 other ECHL member teams. 

Following an opening round playoff series that went the distance in game seven, the Cyclones and Toledo Walleye will see each other 11 times next season, marking the most games against any team for the Cyclones in the 2022-23 season, including the traditional Thanksgiving Eve contest where the Cyclones welcome the fish to Heritage Bank Center on Wednesday, November 23rd. The Cyclones face 10 teams outside their division, including the incoming expansion-Savannah Ghost Pirates when the team travels to Georgia in February. Cincinnati will host home games against Allen, Kansas City, Newfoundland, Norfolk, South Carolina, Tulsa, and Wichita.

April 15th marks the end of the regular season as the Cyclones will visit Kansas City for back-to-back games that weekend. A week prior on Saturday, April 8th, the Cyclones will host Kalamazoo in their regular season home finale. 

Below is the full 2022-23 Cincinnati Cyclones Schedule (all times listed in EST):

October 2022: 4 games (1 home, 3 away)

22 SAT at Fort Wayne 7:30PM

26 WED at Kalamazoo 10:30AM

28 FRI at Wheeling 7:10PM

29 SAT vs Iowa 7:35PM

November 2022: 10 games (6 home, 4 away)

1 TUE vs Fort Wayne 10:30AM

5 SAT at Toledo 7:15PM

11 FRI vs Indy 7:35PM

12 SAT vs Indy 7:35PM

16 WED vs Allen 7:35PM

18 FRI vs Allen 7:35PM

23 WED vs Toledo 7:35PM

24 THU at Fort Wayne 7:30PM

26 SAT at Iowa 8:05PM

27 SUN at Iowa 3:05PM

December 2022: 14 games (6 home, 8 away)

2 FRI vs Toledo 7:35PM

3 SAT at Toledo 7:15PM

4 SUN at Fort Wayne 5PM

7 WED vs Wheeling 7:35PM

9 FRI vs Wheeling 7:35PM

10 SAT at Fort Wayne 7:30PM

16 FRI vs Fort Wayne 7:35PM

17 SAT at Indy 7PM

18 SUN at Wheeling 4:10PM

21 WED at Kalamazoo 7PM

23 FRI at Indy 7PM

28 WED vs Kalamazoo 7:35PM

30 FRI at Indy 7PM

31 SAT vs Toledo 6PM

January 2023: 12 games (6 home, 6 away)

7 SAT vs Wheeling 7:35PM

8 SUN at Toledo 5:15PM

11 WED vs Toledo 7:35PM

13 FRI vs Indy 7:35PM

14 SAT at Wheeling 7:10PM

15 SUN at Toledo 5:15PM

20 FRI at Indy 7PM

22 SUN at Kalamazoo 3PM

25 WED vs Newfoundland 7:35PM

27 FRI vs Newfoundland 7:35PM

28 SAT vs Newfoundland 7:35PM

29 SUN at Toledo 5:15PM

February 2023: 13 games (7 home, 6 away)

1 WED vs Kansas City 7:35PM

3 FRI vs Indy 7:35PM

4 SAT vs Toledo 7:35PM

5 SUN at Kalamazoo 3PM

10 FRI at Savannah 7PM

11 SAT at Atlanta 7PM

12 SUN at Atlanta 3PM

15 WED vs Kalamazoo 7:35PM

17 FRI vs Fort Wayne 7:35PM

18 SAT at Fort Wayne 7:30PM

22 WED vs Norfolk 7:35PM

24 FRI vs Wichita 7:35PM

25 SAT at Indy 7PM

March 2023: 13 games (7 home, 6 away)

1 WED vs Tulsa 7:35PM

3 FRI vs Iowa 7:35PM

4 SAT vs Indy 7:35PM

8 WED at Iowa 8PM

10 FRI at Tulsa 8:05PM

11 SAT at Tulsa 8:05PM

17 FRI vs Iowa 7:35PM

18 SAT vs Iowa 7:35PM

19 SUN vs Fort Wayne 3PM

22 WED at Utah 9:10PM

24 FRI at Utah 9:10PM

25 SAT at Utah 9:10PM

31 FRI vs South Carolina 7:35PM

April 2023: 6 games (3 home, 3 away)

1 SAT vs Wheeling 7:35PM

2 SUN vs Wheeling 3PM

7 FRI at Toledo 7:15PM

8 SAT vs Kalamazoo 7:35PM

14 FRI at Kansas City 8:05PM

15 SAT at Kansas City 8:05PM